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Rolando Garza

Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1959, Rolando Garza achieved recognition as a watercolorist while still in his teens.


Garza effectively blends a time honored style with his own unique interpretation of nature unchanged throughout the centuries. He shares with his viewers peaceful aspects of his carefully designed and refined paintings.


Garza’s landscapes evoke a feeling of tranquil solitudes. Delicate brush strokes define images from nature such as a row of pines with a blush of sunset reflected on the horizon. Rolando’s love of the Southwest inspires paintings of adobe buildings, stucco walls and carved windows with a splash of color presented in pots of flowers. His love of detail is executed with mastery, using a dry brush watercolor technique.


Garza gives credit to his family, including his uncle Raul Gutierrez, an accomplished San Antonio artist, for inspiring him to develop his natural talent and pursue a career in fine art. Today his many collectors vie for his paintings for which there is an ever-increasing demand.

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