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Beatrice Lebreton

Beatrice Lebreton uses the rich vocabulary of her blended cultural heritage and draws her inspiration from the wealth of traditions found in the myths of past societies, especially African Societies. Lebreton’s quest is to weave a visual story through metaphorical use of symbols tying the past to the present. Patterns are part of the traditional quilting language. Here they also make a statement, express visions and add essential information to the meaning. They lead to a narrative to be completed by the viewer, thus creating an ongoing dialogue. The combination of imagery and the written word create visual poetry. Textures and designs let Beatrice explore the diverse possibilities of the surface of the canvas or paper. 


Painting allows Lebreton to express herself spiritually in a way that is open to interpretation, is thought provoking and to also fight stereotypes. A storyteller whose goal is to inspire, stimulate, captivate and lift up the soul. 


Born and raised in France, Lebreton received her MFA from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and her MA in Ethno-Esthetics, specializing in African Art (that influence can be seen in many of her works). 


Beatrice came to the US in 1986 via San Antonio and moved to Dallas in 1993. In 2004 she was commissioned to create a design for a floor medallion that is now a permanent fixture at the DFW Airport. Lebreton now lives in New York City.

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