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Jorge Garza

Jorge Garza is a well-known San Antonio artist. His calm and serene oils, pastels and watercolors reflect the beautiful, rhythmic and powerful forces of nature. His paintings convey a thorough knowledge of the color, light and texture of the Southwest landscape. Although created in the studio, his work has a spontaneous feel. Jorge’s images are representational but begin with an abstract approach, slowly developing a soothing, contemplative mood that evokes a sense of tranquility and quiet strength.


The rhythmic and powerful forces of nature, as well as personal spiritual reflection, are the experiences that guide Jorge’s art. As a visual artist he creates assemblages. The direction his art has taken has emerged from his Hispanic background, Catholic upbringing and extensive travel. In his assemblages he uses found objects, religious articles, such as milagros, antique crucifixes, and retablos, as well as hand cut metal shapes. These are combined with painted surfaces that are textured and layered with many coats of acrylic paint utilizing the colors of Mexico and the Southwest. The assemblages are two and three-dimensional symbolic statements.


Being a native Texan has influenced Garza’s landscape paintings and assemblages. His strong Hispanic culture and Southwestern lifestyle are evident in his life as well as in his art.


Garza attended the University of Texas at Austin and received a BFA in art education in 1973. After teaching in public schools in Austin and San Antonio for 33 years, his many years of teaching art has allowed him to explore many different art forms.


Traveling in the United States, Mexico, and Europe has influenced his focus on representational and abstract landscapes. The themes in his collages are derived from a personal search for spirituality.

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