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Irma Kusiani

Irma Kusiani was born in Tbilisi, Georgia of The Republic of Georgia in 1971. She studied and graduated from Toidze Art College For Ceramics in Tbilisi, Georgia. Kusiani also graduated from Tbilisi State Academy with a degree in Arts and Fashion Design. Her paintings are collected both nationally and internationally in private collections in the United States, Germany, Greece and Russia. Kusiani has exhibited in Moscow and Dublin as well as the United States.


Irma works only with oil on canvas and prefers to use transparent tones, which bring a degree of light and freshness to her paintings. Kusiani often incorporates elements of ornamentation from old Georgian art into her paintings and is quite often influenced by legends, myths and tales. It is very important to Irma to depict the human form to carry the theme of the painting.

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