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Bobbie Markeson

A Nebraska native, Bobbie Markeson has always been influenced by the wide vistas of the prairie. She was born in Omaha, but spent many weekends at a friend’s farm. She loved the peaceful landscape of the farm, but for her it was an exciting experience too; shape and color were all important, and she stored away these memories.


In 1960, Markeson moved to the Southwest, and began a serious career in painting. The colors were even brighter, the country more vast and she was thrilled by the intense light and changing skies. She watched the storms come and go. All this created an emotional response which is transferred to her paintings. Markeson often breaks the rules of color, perspective and shape. “Sometimes it just makes a better painting”. She sees the landscape in abstract form, with an  expressionist approach.


When the figure is her subject, Markeson uses the same vibrant colors in a more realistic style — still contemporary in feeling.


Markeson graduated with a BFA from The University of Nebraska. After moving to El Paso, Texas in 1960 she studied with Jan Herring and William Kolliker as well as Ruth Tears in Dallas, Texas. Markeson has also taught individual and group workshops in the Dallas area. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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