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Rod McGehee

Rod L. McGehee is a contemporary Impressionist, Fauvist. Influenced by the great artists of the Fauve movement, Matisse, Derain and Dufy, Rod’s paintings are bold, colorful interpretations of familiar subjects. Rod believes “to suggest is to create, to detail is to destroy. The more you put into a painting, the less involved the viewer becomes.” His style has evolved into something more personal and believes an artist should interpret his subject rather than copy it.


Rod received his Bachelor of Arts degree at Tarkio College in Missouri. McGehee later had an opportunity to study at the world famous, Rhode Island School of Design. He has also studied with Ray Vinella a Taos, New Mexico artist. Today Rod’s paintings are a travelogue of his visits throughout Europe and the United States.


Art Incorporated has represented Rod McGehee for over 20 years and has several of his works on display in their Gallery.

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