Connie Thibeau

Thibeau’s creative spirit majestically unfolds in her impressionist landscape paintings of the Southwest in both oil and watercolor. Thibeau gains much of her motivation from the study and teaching of creativity, in which she actively engages as a professor at Arizona State University.

“Oil painting,” she says, “allows me the freedom to explore color vibrations that utilize the spiritual energy which is part of my soul. I am energized by form and color, resulting in work that is expansive in spirit.”


“Watercolors represent for me an adjustment of creative energy. The water in watercolor painting, is both symbol and tool. Together, they provide a challenging experience for any artist.”


Whether oil or watercolor, a successful communi- cation between artist and viewer can occur only when there is a unity of spirit, balance and joy. “This cannot be forced,” Thibeau says, “but must be allowed to flow naturally, resulting in a emotional sharing of how we both believe in the subject.”


Thibeau’s award-winning landscapes are primarily of the high mesa lands of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Utah.